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[1] On personal growth space...

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

Stay-at-home mothers often become magnets for miscellaneous wider-family responsibilities that relatives with jobs haaave to delegate (or do they?)

These tasks can range from caring for -sometimes multiple and often uncooperative- elderly family members, to the handling of common property maintenance, hosting celebrations, or just everyday errands for others. Stay-at-home mothers just feel like they don’t have an excuse to say no. The guilt of being ‘a free ranger’ (as if) stops many women from refusing requests from friends and relatives who are formally employed. As many of these tasks are emotionally draining as well as physically taxing, women are often left exhausted and desperate. Most importantly, what is lost for the full-time caregivers, is any chance of finding time to reflect, recharge and grow- and maybe pursue a personal project on the side.

Helping friends and family is important and necessary, but so is setting limits that ensure our wellbeing and protect our personal time for growth -let’s call it our personal growth space. We all have the right to keep expanding and evolving in the direction of our choice -always.

So -personal growth space: put it on your list ladies, and protect it with all you’ve got!

by Mastermom

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